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Our concrete services include the placement of footings, foundation walls, and slabs on grade for a variety of uses.  Our ability to deliver precision while serving as the successful engine behind project schedules helps lay the foundation for a successful build.


The concrete block laid by our masonry crews has served in a number of capacities including foundation walls, load bearing walls, non-load bearing walls, and exposed decorative block.  Whether intended to be the exposed facade of the building, hidden structure, or both, our block masonry crews are dedicated to delivering a quality product.


From Stone Pro's earliest roots, the timeless beauty of our stone work has become the focal point of many buildings.  We are a qualified installer of several industry leading manufactured stone products.  The natural elegance of our stone work provides everlasting value to the buildings it is attached to.


While the end result of our brick work results in classic appeal, our focus on the details for overall performance and integrity of wall systems is what makes us a leader in brick masonry.  Working with conventional and thin brick applications, our masonry crews continue to enhance the architecture of buildings one brick at a time. 

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